Wedding Bands

The Circle of Commitment

Wedding bands are a symbol of the commitment two people make to each other. They are generally made from a simple band of gold. The circular style is never ending, which symbolizes the love in a marriage and the promise made to each other.

With so much symbolism involved, the choice of appropriate wedding bands can become a difficult one. Two people unite their lives in marriage, but they may have very different ideas about what their wedding bands should look like. Fortunately, solutions are available, and a couple can make a great decision that will make them both very happy.

Wedding bands are available in matched sets, with the woman's ring in a smaller version of her new husband's ring. They are also available for purchase separately, so that each can choose his or her partner's new band as a surprise or simply in a style that is appropriate for that person. Wedding bands are commonly made of yellow gold, white gold or platinum, but can also be made of other metals such as titanium. They can be plain, embedded with small diamonds, or etched with designs.

Today there is really no limitation on the varied designs available for wedding bands. An interesting trend has been for couples with Irish ancestry to choose the Celtic Claddagh band. The symbolism behind this wedding band is significant, with a raised design of two hands clasping a crowned heart. The hands signify friendship, the crown is for loyalty, and heart symbolizes love. Use of the claddagh band is an example of a trend for couples to choose wedding bands based on significance and meaning, rather than simply based on style.

It is up to each couple when to start wearing their wedding bands and how to handle them after the wedding. Many men and women do not wear their wedding bands until the actual wedding, but some like to start wearing them sooner. Some people cannot wear their wedding bands on regular basis because of the work that they do: either it is dangerous (such as for people who work with heavy machinery), or constant hand washing makes it inconvenient. It is often still important to these couples to exchange wedding bands, as the bands themselves are a physical symbol of the commitment.

Couples today are not confined as they were years ago to traditional choices. Wedding bands are as much a reflection of their personal choices and style as they are a symbol of the love they have for each other. Whether engraved, bejeweled, simple or ornate, the wedding band reflects timelessness and undying love.

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