Gold Jewelry

Caring for Your Gold Jewelry

Nothing quite says richness and opulence like gold jewelry. It is highly prized for it's beauty and value. Think of King Midas and his foolish wish to have everything he touched turn to gold. We associate gold with wealth and opulence. And with the rarity of this precious metal, it is the natural choice for wedding bands and engagement rings. That rarity is reflected in the meaning behind these jewelry pieces that reflect a promise and commitment.

So, it is not surprising that gold jewelry is the most sought after of all. There is something about gold that draws us. Some people more than others simply can't resist the glitter of traditional yellow gold. With that in mind, it is good to know that gold jewelry requires a little extra care.

Keep your gold jewelry wrapped in a soft cloth when you are not wearing it, as gold is easily scratched and must be cared for with a gentle hand. Boiling is not recommended as any gems attached could be broken off and discoloration of the gems is likely. Do not expose your gold jewelry to any abrasive chemicals, and never use a brush to clean gold jewelry as it can scratch the finish. That means you should avoid exposing your gold jewelry to chlorine bleach when doing laundry or swimming as chlorine is extremely corrosive and can break down the metal, loosening gemstone settings.

When ladies get ready for a night out, or even just for a day at work, they use a number of products that could damage their jewelry. Hair spray, lotions and makeup can coat gold jewelry, reducing the shininess and lustre of the gold. Put your jewelry on after applying these products. In addition, never wear gold jewelry for any chemical hair treatments such as coloring, highlighting, straightening, or perming. Those chemicals are simply too harsh to risk exposing your precious gold.

Perhaps surprisingly, ammonia is a good cleanser for gold, as it won't scratch or harm it, but be sure to keep ammonia away from any jewelry that is set with pearls as the ammonia will damage the pearl surface.

Gold jewelry is available in many beautiful styles and shapes. It can be swirled, bent, set with precious gems of all kinds, and made into amazing and gorgeous accessories. Gold can elevate the appearance of any outfit and just make you feel a little more special. Be sure to protect your precious gold jewelry by caring for it appropriately to maintain it's beauty for years to come.

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