Sports Apparel

All You need to Know about Sports Apparel

Apparel is clothing and sport is best described as a game, pastime, athletic activity, so when we put these to together it is obvious we mean clothing to wear whilst participating in sport. But today many items of sports apparel are not so much for sport but for everyday wear. Some even to work.  Specifically, golfing attire is something that a lot of people are choosing to be a part of their everyday wardrobes without having to lose a lot of style points.

There are the more dressy type sports shorts, trousers and pants, and shirts, which are the kinds you have the option to wear out. Very much the kind of thing you may wear when dress is described as neat casual. These types of clothing come in manner of styles and colors. Then there is the laid back type of sports apparel that would be worn to the beach, sporting events as a spectator or just around the house or to the local shops.

But getting back to the real sports apparel there are so many different sports that there are literally thousands of different garments for the sportsman or woman.Depending on your particular sport is swimwear, for women there are racers with many different variations for shoulder strap, cross back, halter, over the shoulder, high neck, low neck, then legs, again high, cut normal. For the guys there are still variations in style, just not as many. All these come in different fabric weights and different colors. There are also the sleek all in one body suits with long legs and arms, short legs and arms and combinations. For gym enthusiasts there are even more variations, shorts with lose legs, tight legs, short shorts, long shorts, tight tops, midriff tops , baggy tops, singlet tops. Tennis players today also wear a variety of outfits in all sorts of colors, gone are the days of basic whites.

Sports apparel is important for teams and club members. Uniforms in the club colors are a way of identifying team members and builds pride for their club. Uniforms can vary from a logo on their shirt, shorts or skirt to a full outfit.

Shoes are also considered apparel. There are running shoes, tennis shoes, aerobics shoes, cross trainers, baseball shoes, and football boots.

A growing industry within the sports apparel line is accessories. Things like socks, tote bags, flip flops, hair ties, scrunchies, can and bottle holders, sports bags. These items can be purchased in colors to suit the club, they can have logo on them or be printed or embroidered especially for the team.

Whatever the sport, there will be items of sports apparel to suit in either your colour of your colour or that of your team or club.

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