Bicycle Apparel

Bicycle Apparel for Everyone

Everyone can enjoy cycling and the whole family can participate together. This is an activity that does not have many boundaries and can be played virtually anywhere that there are roads and paths.

Bicycle riding can be done either for pleasure or competitively. It can be a road race, in a velodrome, part of a triathlon or BMX riding. It can be mountain biking, tandem cycling, Free style or Downhill, what ever way it is done bicycle apparel is necessary.

All cyclists should wear a helmet. Helmets help prevent serious head injuries that can lead to permanent damage or death. Your helmet must fit properly to be effective.

When riding off road padded shorts will increase your comfort. You can wear fitted shorts but the lycra can sometimes get snagged and many off road riders wear baggy shorts with padded liners built inside.

Cycling jerseys are designed to carry things you need whilst riding and they are made from fabrics that wick the sweat away from your body so it can be evaporated helping to keep the body cool. Off road cyclists wear loser’s jerseys in more muted colors whereas road cyclists wear closer fitting jerseys in bright colors that make them more visible.

Off road jerseys have pockets that can be closed with a zip or Velcro, this prevents valuables and keys etc being lost. The road jersey has traditional pockets. Some jerseys have front zips to control ventilation. The rider can adjust the ventilation by raising and lowering the zip. Women wear a coordinating sports bra so they can use the same method of ventilation.

Some off road cyclists wear mountain bike shoes rather than the cleated shoes. This is because there will be places where the rider may have to carry his bike and walk. Gloves help absorb road shock, protect the hands from the elements and help stop hands getting scratched and scrapped. Glasses should be worn to protect the eyes.

When racing bikes on a track or velodrome it is all about speed. Riders mostly wear one piece suits made from lycra called skinsuits or bodysuits. They fit like a second skin reducing any drag or wind resistance. Their helmets are specifically designed for track racing by improving airflow over the back of the head and are referred to as “sperm hats”. With cycling like BMX and Freestyle riding, leathers are often worn with padding of the knee, elbows and shoulders.

Other apparel that is recommended is a water bottle, fluids need to be replaced even if you do not feel thirsty and always carry some type of energy snack along with a first aid kit, basic tool kit, and a spare tube and/or patch kit.

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