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When you think of Golf apparel do you think of checkered shorts and pants, long stockings, funny little caps, shoes that looked like they had been stolen from the clown at the circus that just passed through? There are those that will wear these types of items but most golfers will never be caught dead in these types of items.

Nowadays, when someone dresses like that on a golf course it is usually for a laugh or because they had to borrow a friend's attire because they do not play that much. Today’s golf apparel is smart, comfortable and up with the latest trends whilse still respecting club and course dress codes.

Many golf shoes look more like jogging shoes only with plastic spikes. Colors vary to suit the individual. Shirts are in fabrics which reflect the season so to are jumpers. Trousers are now either full length or shorts, naturally you can buy the 3/4 variety that are in fashion at the moment. For the ladies who prefer skirts the style and color range is fantastic and you can mix and match with your favorite shirts or jumpers. Hats, caps and sun visors in all styles and colors are a common sight on the golf course due to our need for protection from the sun and glare.

There are many manufacturers of golf apparel. Some are pro golfers who have diversified and had apparel ranges developed and added their name to the brand. Others are the big multinationals who make sports wear for all sports, whilst other manufacturers deal completely in golf. From golf clubs, bags apparel, tees, ball and so on.

Because of the style of golf apparel it can also be purchased from normal retail outlets. Basic shorts or trousers and collared T shirts are all that is required and you can still play golf in normal jogging shoes.

You can also buy other golf items as golf apparel like sunglasses; these are a must for eye protection of a course. The large golf umbrella is equally important as you can’t always predict what the weather will do and on a golf course there is no shelter. These umbrellas can be found as plain or colorful as you wish. Some have the brand emblazoned on them, others off UV protection and again ladies can get colors to match their color scheme.

There are travel bags and covers, colorful golf gloves, specially printed golf balls, towels and all manner of personalize golf accessories, such as drinking glasses, divot repairers, and scorecard holders.

It seems whatever your pleasure on golf apparel be it a brand name or a generic item it can be found or made.

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