Spandex Apparel

The Many Types of Spandex Apparel

The invention of spandex in the 1950s meant that a revolution was underway in the clothing world. Spandex apparel has become a very lucrative part of the clothing industry, with applications that are found in many different types of clothing.

Perhaps the most recognized use of spandex apparel is in lines that manufacture sport clothing. The flexibility of the material means that it is the ideal clothing for competitive and non-competitive athletes alike, reducing the chafing that could occur with looser clothing while still allowing athletes a full range of motion. Spandex apparel is present in all major individual sports events, from swimming to tennis, running to cycling. The tight fit of spandex apparel means that athletes have less air friction to worry about, and in the world of sports competition even the microseconds that air friction accounts for can make the difference between a win and a loss. The same is true for professional swimmers; the streamlined qualities of spandex mean less resistance between the clothing and the water.

Spandex apparel is kind of a joke to many people not involved in active sporting life, but the fact remains that most people use spandex in at least some of their clothing. The flexible properties of spandex mean that it is used in manufacturing everyday clothing items such as hosiery, bras, bra padding, underwear, socks, and belts. Clothing items that can be considered spandex apparel also include less every day items such as wet suits and ski pants.

Spandex apparel is also apparent in the compression garment industry. Clothing items in this category that use spandex include surgical hose and support hose.

The reason that spandex apparel has such a wide reach is the qualities that spandex incorporates. Spandex is made to stretch, and can be stretched to huge lengths without breaking. It can be stretched out to these lengths and will still return to its original shape. As mentioned, spandex is resistant to abrasion and rubbing, and it is also more durable than rubber. Spandex also has none of the static problems that clothing made from other materials will have, and it is also resistant to oils that are produced by the body as well as those contained in many of our everyday items like lotions and detergents.

If you need to find examples of role models who use spandex outside of the sporting world, you need look no further than almost all pop culture superheroes. After all, if spandex apparel is good enough for Superman, why not try it yourself?

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