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Head to Toe Womens Tennis Apparel

Participation in any sport requires the athlete to wear the right apparel, both for comfort and for maximum performance. As with any sport, those of us who compete at the amateur or fun levels are often influenced by what the prose wear during their matches. Women’s tennis has its share of pioneers as far as womens tennis apparel goes, from the (some might say excessive) accessorizing of the Williams sisters to the performance-oriented apparel of Amelie. Whether or not you are looking for the ultimate height of your game, there are some pieces of womens tennis apparel that you need to know about. Starting at the top and working down, this article outlines some of the items you should consider before going out to the court.

The days when a headband was a part of acceptable womens tennis apparel seem to have left the game with Stefi Graf. Probably due to fashion consciousness, there is not one woman on the current WTA tour who wears a sweatband. Instead, the ladies are opting for very tight pony tails, or some sort of head gear. The pony tails require an elastic that is able to constrict very tightly if it is the sole means of keeping the hair out of one’s face, as demonstrated by players such as Lindsay Davenport and Jelena Jankovic. Some of the best players in the game buck the trend with a loose ponytail, though, such as 2006 US Open champ Maria Sharapova.

For headgear, both the hat and the visor have traditionally been worn. Most women who opt for a head covering go with the visor, including Justine Henin-Hardin. Caps are very rare among women players, although some game mainstays such as Martina Hingis continue to wear them.

As far as body coverings, women’s tennis apparel has a wide range. You can choose from a full sports dress, top-and-shorts, or a skirt-and-top combination. Obviously the skirt and dress options offer more in the way of fashion sense, but offer little in the way of modesty. Power players often choose to wear sleeveless tops in order to show their muscles, while finesse players tend to lean towards the more modest shorts and T models.

The most important pieces of womens tennis apparel, as with men’s, are the shoes and socks. The shoes need to be durable and provide good padding for the athlete’s foot, and socks should wick away any sweat. Tennis involves a great deal of impact on the feet, so it is essential that when selecting shoes that the buyer find a pair that is the perfect fit, and that they are broken in before using them on a regular basis.

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