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Shopping for Great Deals on Clothes, Online and Beyond

Shopping for Great Deals on Clothes, Online and Beyond

Clothes – we all wear them, and we often find ourselves scouring the discount apparel racks to update, replace and renew our wardrobe. Keeping to a budget means making compromises as far as fit and fashion and concerned, but you can still stock your closet without breaking the bank if you’re a savvy discount shopper with the use of clearance apparel.

Know yourself and your style

You’ve been dressing yourself since you were a small child – so you ought to know what looks good on you. True, some people have no clue how to dress, with men suffering from the reputation of lacking style and taste more often than women. But, for the most part, you know what you like, and you know what doesn’t work on you. Maybe you don’t like puffy sleeves, or pockets on the front of your shirt, or visible logos, or wild prints. Maybe belts make you look like a huge sack of flour with a rubber band around the middle. If you’re short, heavy or extra-tall, shopping for clearance apparel can be a challenge – but as long as you have an idea of what works on you, you’re ahead of the shopping game.

It also helps to know what your wardrobe is lacking before you start shopping. If you always shop for work clothes, you may not think about casual slacks or clothes appropriate for weekend socializing until it’s too late. Or maybe you’re a telecommuter who works all day in sweat pants and T-shirts – and you’re completely unprepared for a business meeting or a job interview. This is when you pay too much for clothes, because you run out at the last minute to get something for a special occasion. If you’d shopped for off-season clearance apparel beforehand, you’d already be prepared.

Find the deals before you need them

If there are stores you find yourself regularly shopping in, you’ve probably already noticed a pattern to when apparel hits the discount racks. As fall approaches, the leftover summer clothes go on sale. Winter coats are cheapest just as spring is approaching. But different stores – particularly local outlets from big chains – have different schedules for when they mark down their merchandise. So ask the clerks when the next big sale is coming up. They’ll be happy to tell you, and you can save your pennies for when the deep discounts are offered on the clearance apparel you already love.

The Internet is also a great place for bargain clothes and clearance apparel, so long as you know just what you want. Increasingly, sellers are operating “clothing stores” that exist entirely online, avoiding the expense of maintaining a brick-and-mortar store and paying sales staff.

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