Silver Jewelry

Silver, the Once Sacred Metal

Silver jewelry has been around since before recorded history. Silver itself was considered by ancient civilizations to be an almost sacred metal, similar to gold, and thus, it's usage was restricted. In addition to jewelry, we still find it often reserved for those special, prized items such as good serving platters, silver table settings, and decorative pieces for the home.

Silver has an elegance unmatched by other metals for jewelry designs. It goes beautifully with all colors of gemstones, looks great when contrasted with ornate carvings or other designs, and absolutely goes with everything you could wear.

Silver is very appealing for use in jewelry as it has unlimited applications for both casual and formal wear. From the relaxed southwestern look of silver with denim and brown leather, to the gorgeous contrast of white silver against a little black dress, it works in almost any combination.

Silver jewelry crosses ethnic lines and spans the continents. It reflects light better than any other metal, and the whiteness of this metal flatters every skin tone so it looks good on everybody, unlike yellow gold, which can have a yellowish cast. Pale skin, tanned skin, or brown skin: all look great when matched with beautiful silver jewelry.

For a casual look, silver jewelry often takes a primitive design. These jewelry pieces may have a matte or brushed finish and are frequently adorned with native looking creatures or abstract designs. Some of these silver jewelry pieces will even have a pounded look to add to the primitive, hand made look.

Silver jewelry pieces are often paired with black. Black leather cords to hang pendants from, black inlaid designs, and black watch bands to accent a silver watch face are commonly seen, since the contrast between the black and silver-white is very complimentary.

Formal wear looks great with shiny silver bangles, shimmering silver earrings, and other silver jewelry pieces. In addition to black, the color combinations of silver and blue, red, green, and every other color you can think of looks great. Again, the whiteness of the silver simply compliments and accents whatever color you wear.

Whether it is twisted, pounded, polished, or carved, silver makes beautiful jewelry and other accessories that will compliment every piece of your wardrobe.

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