Harness the Power of Vans

Vans are the mini arsenals of the road. These box shaped vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. They are primarily used to transport goods and large groups of people form place to place. Vans come in a myriad of designs not limited to a box-shaped cabin with a rectangular shaped cargo side. Each has their own unique purpose.

Minivans are popular in American culture. They are duly noted for their compact size and cargo space along with its unibody structure. A few years ago, family station wagons were the vehicle of choice. Now, minivans allow consumers to save money on parking due to not meeting height restrictions, stay comfortable with folding seats, and make room for additional cargo space if needed. Full size vans, on the other hand, are primarily used for transporting goods. It contains a bigger engine which packs more power. Minivans have the capability of lugging up to 4000 pounds of cargo, while full size vans can carry up to 8000 without a problem.

Nowadays, it is very easy to get vans for a cheap price. One of the ways is through government auctions. Government auctions have been pairing up consumers with luxury or regular status cars for ages. This is because governments on all levels (federal, state, local) in addition to civil authorities seize cars from criminals, which they use to sell off similar like the foreclosure process with real estate. In addition, banks and creditors may sell repossessed vehicles due to non-payment. With this said, vans can easily be had at an outstandingly low rate. If you believe in Hollywood stereotypes, it would be comforting to know vans can be a criminal’s vehicle of choice for transporting his/her goods. Check your local newspaper and turn to the Internet to search for these auctions. You just might find the van you’re looking for.

Vans are some of the most valued vehicles on the market today. They can transport anywhere from 1 to 8 passengers, have features that allow for more cargo space, and provide for a smooth ride. According to IntelliChoice, a consumer magazine on the web, the Honda Odyssey was chosen as the van with the best value under $25,000, with the Odyssey EX being chosen for Best Van Value over $25,000. In an era where an upgraded Pontiac Grand Am sells for $27,000 and a low grade SUV like the Toyota Rav4 sells for the same price, paying less than $25,000 for a stylish minivan is a welcome addition to anyone’s budget.

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