Car Care

Car Care for a Sleek Car

Car are a dear possession for most of us. For auto aficionados, it is like a baby which deserves pampering and right care. The right kind of car care will keep it in good shape, providing you with good mileage and a smooth ride. A car as being an assembly of many components which need different kind of care, which is discussed below.

1. Under hood checks

Caring for a car's under hood is very critical to its operation. It allows for it to keep running smoothly and for a long time. When looking into the under hood, conduct regular checks of its engine oil level. This is because engines can get damaged without a constant supply of oil lubricating it. Secondly, the transmission fluid must be up to far. Don't ever substitute a fluid with a recommended one. Keep in mind that it is a good idea to check the transmission fluid when the engine is running. Checking for brake fluid is also a smart idea. It is very important for effective brake operation. A rule of thumb is to always add an approved brake fluid, which is usually low-grade.

Checking the coolant level in your car involves looking at the cooling system reserve tank (near the radiator) which is marked with both full hot and full code. Full cold tank levels are a sign that it needs some tratment. Also, make sure that the engine battery is always clean and dry, with all of the terminal connections clean and tight. Antifreeze protection can also be helped by windshield washer solvent. Always be aware that it is not a good idea to dilute any solvent with water. Additional, windshield wiper blades should always be wiped with a paper towel during the cleaning process.

2. Oil change

A regular oil change will keep you engine in smooth motion. Since the engine is the backbone of the car, oil change is very significant from the car life point of view.

3. Washing

Give a regular wash to the car. This will not only protect the paint but will also make the car look neat and tidy.

4. Waxing

Regular waxing will keep the car paint sustain for a very long time for constant shine.

5. Other

Other things that you need to take care are alignment and balancing, tire rotation, tuning, winterizing and filters.

A regular maintenance will enable you to keep your car as long as possible with minimum cost.

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