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All car owners pamper their cars. They ensure that their cars get maximum care and protection. However, cars have to sustain so many external pressures. They have to withstand heat, rain, dust and dirt and even sometimes dents and scratches. There are so many external factors that make a car vulnerable. Thus the car owners must take extra efforts to maintain top condition of the cars.

Car Tips

There are some extremely important and fundamental techniques that can be used by car owners. These techniques are sure to make a significant contribution in the process of maintaining the car in a prime condition. One of the premier steps is to drive very cautiously. Car drivers must ensure that there are absolutely nil or minimum dents and scratches on the car. Scratches make the cars look absolutely dismal. Also they are extremely difficult to remove. Thus it is imperative for the car owner to keep scratches and dents away from the car at any cost. Another important factor is to protect the car from natural factors as much as possible. This means that the cars must be protected from sun and rain extensively. These factors can damage the finish of the car, which would make the car look bad. Hence, it is necessary to keep the cars in covered parking lots.

Taking care of the car involves some other steps like:

1) To protect the finish or coating of the car is extremely important to make the cars look fantastic. Hence, keeping a wax coat or paint sealant on the car is always extremely beneficial.

2) Auto detailing involves washing the car very frequently. Experts recommend a car wash every two weeks. While washing the car, it is vital to keep the flow of water low. High water pressure can cause scratches on the car.

3) Also, the detergent that needs to be used must also be a special car washing detergent. Many people use the detergent for washing clothes. These detergents are very strong and can cause the wax on the car to peel off. After drying the car, it is important to clay the car.

4) The process of claying the car is relatively new to the process of car detailing. Clay works like polish or paint but does not act as an abrasive.

5) Claying is done before the car is waxed. It is necessary to apply clay lubricant to a particular area on the car. After this, with gentle hands it is necessary to glide the clay on the surface of the car.

6) As this process continues, the bar of clay keeps on getting thinner. This bar of clay has to be replaced with a new bar that needs to be prepared after kneading the clay. The process of claying can be extremely rewarding and leaves the car with amazing effects.

The process of car detailing is an extremely rewarding process. It makes even an old and ordinary car look dazzling and spanking new.


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