Car Wash

Car Washes Aren't Just in the Driveway Anymore

When getting a car wash there are many different types you can choose from to one where you do it your self in the driveway to getting your car detailed. It all depends on how much you want to spend and how clean you want your car.


A drive through car wash is one of the more popular options these days. There are many gas stations that offer a drive through car wash and many will give them for free if you purchase a full tank of gas. It’s the least they can do considering gas is so expensive these days! With this type of car wash all you have to do is drive through and the car will be washed with different equipment that is almost always by machines. You can either stay in the car or a car wash employee will rive it though for you as you wait. There are different options as sometimes you can just drive away after it is done or sometimes there are workers there that will dry it for you and detail your car as well. Many times you can buy ticket and drive through putting your ticket in the touchless machine and the car wash equipment does all the work for you. A drive-thru car wash is very convenient and can be done very quickly.

Spray Car Wash

With this type of car wash you can drive your car into a sort of enclose garage and there is equipment available where you can wash the car yourself. Some of the equipment generally includes a spray hose, foam brush and tire brush. Many times there are also different settings on the nozzle so you can either have the water come out to lightly rinse the car or spray it harder to get off dirt and grime from your car. These are usually coin and bill operated and is easy to use as all you do is feed in the money and then wash the car. Some of these types of car washes also have options such as vacuums and tire cleaners to make your car just that much cleaner from the inside out.


One of the ways to make your car looking extra nice is to go to a car wash that specializes in auto detailing. Besides just washing the outside of the car with regular car washing equipment they will go inside your car and detail the inside making it look great. This type of car wash costs more but it is also convenient, as you do not have to do anything but pay the money and wait for your car to be cleaned. A lot of times with auto detailing they also put in different types of fragrances inside your car giving it a fresh clean smell.

From a touchless, drive thru car wash to one where you might get wet there are different types of ways to clean your car. It all depends how much you want to spend, how much time you have, and how clean you want your car.

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