The Truth about SUVS

What are SUVs?

SUVs are known as Sport Utility Vehicles and are found increasingly on the highways and byways of today. These unique vehicles were first developed for driving off the paved road for recreation or practical purposes. A mix between a pickup truck and a station wagon, an SUV is perfect for combining the hauling and off road capacities of a tuck with the passenger seating and cargo area of a station wagon. It is no popular why the SUV has become one of the most common vehicles on the road. Although not all sport utility vehicles have four wheel drive as an option, this feature is common with any SUV. The four wheel drive capacity allows SUVs to drive safely throughout a wide variety of road conditions, including ice and snow.

Why are SUVs So Popular?

Today, SUVs have crossed the line from practical to popular. These larger vehicles have surpassed the mini van as the vehicle of choice for many families. Many individuals who have no interest in driving in off road settings or do not have to worry about weather extremes choose to purchase an SUV for this very reason. Additionally, many SUVs are capable of hauling or towing other items, including campers, boats, and trailers. Finally, many individuals enjoy the sporty look of SUVs and there are many customization options available for the most popular models of SUVs.

Smaller Options for SUVs

Although larger SUVs are currently seen on the highways and byways of the country, there is a movement towards smaller sport utility vehicles on the automobile market. Especially when it comes to the younger driving crowd, these smaller automobiles are sporty and fun while still being easily affordable. Budget conscious buyers will enjoy the fact that these smaller SUVs typically get better gas mileage than their larger ancestors, allowing you to save even more money at the pump.

Going Green with SUVs

Today with the soaring gas prices and the growing environmental consciousness in the country, SUVs are taking charge with alternative energy vehicles. Some of the most popular models of hybrid cars today are sports utility vehicles. These hybrid SUVs work to combine gas and electric engines so that you get the most mileage possible out of your gas tank. Also, there is a growing trend of SUVs that use other alternative energies that are environmentally friendly.

Safety Features and SUVs

Although SUVs have previously gotten bad publicity regarding certain safety aspects, these vehicles have been completely redesigned in order to make them as safe as possible. Rollovers have been a huge discussion for SUV drivers as well as automakers. However, these issues that plagued many of the early SUVs have been well addressed in the modern offering from automakers. Furthermore, safety features like side curtain airbags have been incorporated into the majority of these vehicles and may be offered as a standard option depending on the specific manufacturer of the automobile. Just looking at the crash test ratings for this new breed of sport utility vehicles is sure to have you satisfied with the improvements.

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