Sell a Car

The 101 on Selling a Car

Your 2003 Pontiac Grand Am has been well taken care of over the years. It only has 80,000 miles logged onto it, has virtually no stains in its interior, and drives extremely well due to the constant maintenance you’ve kept after over the years. With a brand new Lincoln Aviator in the foreseeable future, you might decide to sell your car. After all, a moderately used, spotless car free of major problems is sure to attract many bidders.

In order to sell a car like the Pontiac, it is important to determine its value first. To do this, refer to one of the many price guides out there for both new and used cars, like the NADA Guides at or the Kelly Blue Book (, a popular price reference tool for car owners looking to sell. Keep in mind that a car’s value can fluctuate up or down from its listed price value according to its condition, modifications, season, current gas prices, and the demand for it on the market. Don’t expect to sell a 1997 Buick for $10,000.

To sell a car, you also need to make the choice over whether to sell it privately or trade it in to a dealer. Buying a new car from a major automobile manufacturer like Pontiac and Lincoln will let you trade the old car in exchange for a newer model minus the price difference. The downside is that dealers charge outstandingly low prices to make a profit on the next marked up sale. The best bet to get the most money for your car is to sell it privately. The downside to this is that auto buyers may be quite picky, asking for certifications and to inspect every inch of your vehicle. Occasionally though, someone will take a 5 minute look and decide to purchase.

In order to sell a car, you need to prime it in the best way possible. Its presentation matters just as much as its features. This means cleaning the car from top to bottom, including waxing the outside and dominating all of the scratches and paint deficiencies it might have. The interior must also be in impeccable condition, fully vacuumed with all of the windows near polished with Windex along with a trunk cleaning. Sell a car with shining tires and watch interest in it rise as well. Selling a car also entails changing the engine oil and staying up to date on all its fluids. Maintenance receipts should be kept in handy in case you need to convince the buyer of your steadfast dedication to its health.

Sell a car today following all of the words of advice above and watch it go for top dollar tomorrow.

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