Auto Racing

The Speed of Exhilaration with Auto Racing

Auto racing is one of the most dynamic pastimes known to man. Sleek chassis’ for race cars along with breathtaking 220 mph speeds is what makes this one of the finest spectator sports on Earth. Heavily commercialize, auto racing has its history with the first gas fueled automobiles. The first ever auto racing contest took place a century ago by car junkies looking to see which car performed the best. After a year, an auto race was created from Paris to Bordeaux.

Today, there are different kinds of auto racing. These include single-seater, stock car, rally car, and other forms. Single-seater racing is the most common of all, and are designed to accommodate only one driver. Cars are often designed with wings attached to them for greater emphasis on speed and acceleration. Single seat auto racing is designed for circuit areas instead of the street. Many of these circuits take on the shape of ovals and ovals with curves here and there. Right now, Formula One racing is the hallmark organization for single seater racing. Racing stars like Fernando Alonzo and Michael Schumacher make up this very marketable sport. Today, Fernando Alonzo makes commercials for Renault and candy bars and is a huge celebrity in Spain.

Another kind of auto racing is rally racing. The rally auto racing environment is on roads themselves instead of circuits. Drivers acquaint themselves with the roads extremely carefully to avoid being knocked off. The competition is based on how fast you navigate through the course from start to finish. Right now, the World Rally Championship is the leading organization for this type of auto racing.

Stock car racing is the type of auto racing most recognized by American car racing enthusiasts. These cars also run on ovals and have a similar construction. Its head organization is NASCAR, with the most popular race being the Daytona 500 in Florida. NASCAR vehicles are top of the line when it comes to production and built. To start, engines are some of the most powerful in the world with large tires and open wheel bodies.

An unconventional form of auto racing is drag racing. Made popular by the 2 Fast 2 Furious movie, drag racing involves upgrading a standard car and racing it on city streets or roads. Oftentimes, parachutes are used to slow down the vehicles after it has crossed the finish line. Two cars are usually participants in race instead of multiple ones like NASCAR. It is a sport especially popular in the US. Off-road racing can also be performed drag racing style.

Auto racing ranks up there as one of the finest spectator sports in the world. Make sure you catch at least one in your lifetime to become an instant fan.

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