Law School 101 for Every Citizen

The law is established to protect citizens against certain crimes and unfair treatments. When it comes to the law, all citizen of a certain county, state and country need to follow the same government-mandated set of rules in order to avoid chaos and irregularity. If a person within that law-abiding society happens to break the law, then there are sure-fire punishments that he or she must endure, such as jail time and even death. Here are some overviews for the basics that you need to know about the law.

What It Is

The law, simply put, is a set of rules. There are laws that are federal, state-level, county-level and city level. Each one of the governments that oversees your actions has a set of laws that it is in control of up-keeping. If a citizen within that community breaks the law, he is tried in the court system that oversees that particular crime. Laws are put in place so that citizens can pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without fear of injury, theft or harm.

What To Do If Someone Breaks The Law

If you are a victim of someone breaking the law, the first thing you need to do is take as much information about that person as possible. Note the height, hair color, race, and any other distinguishing features, such as the car they are driving or the clothes they are wearing. Call the police and report the law-breaking incident. Make sure to give the police as much information as possible about the perpetrator.

What To Do If You Break The Law

Good citizens break the law everyday. For example, it is rare that someone follows the speed limit to a T. Sometimes, the law turns its head when it is broken. Other times, you will be fined, jailed and even put to death for breaking the law. Your fine or punishment will depend upon the degree of the crime that you commit. If you break the law and are being prosecuted, it is important that you call a lawyer or have the state appoint a lawyer to defend your rights.

The law is a wonderful feature of a democratic government and should be upheld and taken very seriously. Without the law, we would be living in chaos and there would be very little order. The law provides direction and a schedule of punishments. Just about every community has a set of laws that are set in place to preserve order for its citizens. Be sure that if you break the law, you hire a lawyer to defend your rights, as the punishment against your crime could be hefty. Likewise, always report crimes to the police so that they can attempt to prosecute and/or restore order to your community.

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