Government Jobs

Are Government Jobs Right for You?

Various levels of government offer employment opportunities for those who are interested and possess the right qualifications. There are town, city, county, state, and federal positions to consider. These used to be thought of as prime jobs to try for as the benefits and pay in relations to work requirements were seen as very attractive. However in recent years, government jobs are harder to come by, the pay is lower and the perks are less. This is a result of a sagging economy and a general atmosphere of trimming the fat from any business.

Where to Look

For a listing of government jobs, and how to apply for them visit the site This is a good place to find all sorts of information regarding government employment and tips on how to apply. It's a no-fee for membership aid, and lists government jobs at all levels from town through federal. Since looking for work in the public sector can be daunting, this site and others like it, can help answer the many questions you may have. You will also learn how to tailor your resumé specifically toward available positions in the public sector.

Similar to Private Sector

Any level of government employs individuals with ordinary skills so you don't need to feel as if you need special qualifications in order to apply. It's true that some high level government jobs that are politically based or require years of public service may be out of most people's league, but there are thousands that may be just right for you. Basically you are selling your skills the same way you would to a private organization. The main difference is that you will be required to pass certain tests to be listed on a register before you are eligible.


Some of the broad categories of government jobs are public utilities, public health, law enforcement, social services, skilled trades, planning, information systems, finance, human resources, and justice, to name a few. Within each of these departments are job listings from the beginning data entry person to the most senior executive managers. Once you find one or more that you qualify for and are interested in, just follow the instructions for applying, and you're on your way.

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