Job Search

A Few Job Search Pointers

Often a job search is a dreaded undertaking. If we've suddenly become unemployed, we're probably frightened because of the income loss. We need the perfect resume, and there are a variety of opinions on how to create the one that will appeal the most to potential employers. When we land an interview, we don't always know how to present ourselves in the best light for the particular company. Just negotiating a salary can be mind-boggling since the employer often asks us how much we want. If we come up with a number that's too high, they might settle on a competitor, but if we ask for something lower, we'll always wonder if we could have been paid more.


Many statistics show that the best way to land a job we'll like is through networking. That means talking to as many people as possible to get the word out there that we're looking. Besides friends and current or former co-workers, joining some business organizations can really help the job search move along. There are a variety of associations and clubs that exist just so people can network, as well as others such as Toastmasters or Rotary Clubs, which incorporate business with socializing.

Employment Agencies

Another way to start a job search is to sign up with an employment agency or "head hunter". People in this line of work are there for the sole purpose of finding us jobs, and of course get paid for doing it. The more skills and experience you have to offer, the more openings they will be able to tell you about. If you go this route, be sure to know their terms before you sign any type of agreement. Since any job they can expose you to comes with a price, be prepared to shell out a large fee, or better yet, try for one where the employer pays all associated costs. If you are the one paying, they will ask for a percentage of your first month salary or similar terms.

Becoming a "Temp"

A number of people choose to seek employment through temporary agencies as part of their job search. This gives them an opportunity to check out companies by working there for a specific period of time. It also gives those who don't want a full-time or long-term commitment a chance to work only when they choose to.

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