Job Opportunities

How to Find Job Opportunities in Your Area

For years we learned about job opportunities by reading the employment section of the newspaper. Sometimes we heard about them from another person. Today, the focus has shifted in large part to the Internet. You can post your resume to companies who are hiring, you can build your own website showing all your experience and skills, or you can list your resume with an online employment service. A good deal of communicating about the position and interviewing is now done through email. Visit some employment related websites to learn more about it. One interesting looking one is

Resume Keywords

One thing for sure is if you send a resume to many companies, they will employ software that searches out certain keywords. Since they may not tell you what these are, you will have to do a lot of research about the company and what the position entails. Then you load your resume with the words you think are most likely to make it past their first screening. There are always jobs available, but in today's economy, competition is fierce in most fields.


Now more than ever before, the more flexible and experienced you are the better. Many companies cross-train their workers and have them fulfilling more than one job description. They are also leaning toward team-based organizational charts and move employees in and out of various departments. If you can demonstrate that you are good at multi- tasking and are a team player, you will find many more job opportunities.


Education will most likely play a key role in deciding what job opportunities you will be considered for. You are sure to find situations where it won't matter if you don't have a college degree, but if you do, you're liable to be paid more than if you don't. You may not have a degree specific to the job description, but human resource departments often just want to know that you've completed a program in school.


Be sure to take advantage of any training or educational opportunities that come your way. Often a company you work for will offer to pay for at least part of tuition or send you off to some seminars on a variety of subjects. Take advantage of any such situation as it will pay off in terms of more job opportunities even within the same organization. You just can't have too much education these days.

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