Government Services

Government Services: What the U.S. Government Provides For Its Citizens

Providing For Our Needs

The United States government provides a vast array of services for its citizens, from helping to meet daily needs such as healthcare, to encouraging long term benefits of education. The government provides all of these services in an effort to promote exactly what the constitution gives every citizen the right to: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


One major service the government provides is education. In every state, city, and county across the country, there is a public school system set in place so that every child has the opportunity to earn an education. Because education is held in such high esteem, there are laws in place which require all students of a certain age to be enrolled in school. The age limits vary from state to state, but the essential point is that no child should be prohibited from going to school.

The government also promotes continuing education through the college and post graduate levels. One major way it does so, is by offering federal money for student loans, scholarships, and grants to help pay tuition. While the amount a student can be awarded is dependent on financial status and is on a needs basis, every student attending a college or university in the United States has the right to apply for, and be awarded money for school, using the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Healthcare Clinics

Another major service the U.S. government provides to its people is healthcare. Every person, regardless of financial status, is entitled to adequate healthcare that meets their needs. This happens in a number of ways, but the most common is through free or reduced priced clinics. There are clinics all across the country where one can see a doctor, get necessary prescriptions, and any other medical attention he or she requires. While having health insurance is encouraged, and can make getting medical attention a bit easier sometimes, the government does not turn its back on those in need, regardless of their insurance status. In addition to health clinics, the government also helps provide shelters and food programs for those who are homeless.

Local, National, and International Protection

Perhaps one of the most important government services is law enforcement, both on a national and local level. Locally, citizens have police departments to help keep the people safe. Nationally, we have the FBI and the CIA, and internationally we have military forces. Each citizen has the right to feel safe at their workplace, in their homes, and even just walking down a public street.

Financial Security

The government also provides financial security to its citizens. Each paycheck, a certain portion is taken out of an employees check and donated to social security. When the employee retires or reaches a certain age, he or she can then begin to receive social security benefits. This is the government’s way to help the people of the United States save to fund their retirements.

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