Politics Around the World

Politics is the science of governing an entity such as a state, or nation. It includes the administration of all of internal and external affairs. Each entity has it’s own unique system of governing itself. Politics has been around since the first people were on the planet. Every group of people since the beginning of time has had some for of organization to function as a working group. The study of Politics and it’s components is called Political Science.

What are some forms of Politics?

There are many forms and combinations of Politics. Some of the major forms include: Monarchy- a state or nation ruled by one individual, Democracy- government run the people or elected representatives, Oligarchy- government run by few, Dictatorship- absolute rule by a despot, Communism- state controlled economy with one political party, Republic- a system not headed by a monarch, but by an elected official, and Parliamentary- a system with a representational body with legislative powers. Many countries combine different forms of Politics to customize the organization of their body.

Which countries use which systems?

Some examples of countries and their systems include:

The United States- which uses a Democratic System by which elected officials work together to govern the people. It has a President and judicial system to micro manage the body.

Australia- uses a Parliamentary Democracy in which an elected Federation and Prime Minister govern the body.

China- a Communist Party which maintains control through information control and censorship.

Cuba- a Dictatorship run by one despot since 1959.

Monaco- A Constitutional Monarchy in which a constitution is drawn up to explain the rights and workings of the system, which is headed by a Prince.

Many other countries use multiple combinations of Political Systems. Most commonly, the Parliamentary and Representational Systems are used. Some of these countries include: Jamaica, the Philippines, the UK, and Romania.

Who is affected by Politics?

Every human in a country or state is affected by Politics. The people of a nation are called citizens. The governing body maintains control and order by organizing business, time, money, and land; things that citizens deal with on a daily basis. The type of Politics used by a country can affect the amount of control and influence the system will have on each citizen. Jobs, homes, entertainment, education, and even the number of children in a family can be affected by a Politics.

For example, in the United States, each state has a legislation to make and regulate laws. One such law is a Truancy Law. This law says that all children must attend school until a certain age. If this law is broken, there is a penalty. Each state has the right to decide their laws and penalties under the greater Democratic System. If a law is broken, the citizen must appear before a court to face the penalty. In other countries and states they laws for the same things can be different. The Political Systems vary to accommodate the country or state. Politics is capable of changing. Sometimes, when a system does not accommodate a country or state, the Political System will change.

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