Why Elections Are so Important to Democracy

In our democratic nation, elections are the key component to equal justice and rulings. Elections basically occur when the people of a nation go to the polls and cast votes for those individuals they think would make fantastic leaders. Even if an individual will not make a fantastic leader, elections are deigned to create a government that is balanced and "For the People." If you have voted in an election before, then you know the basic rules to the elections. However, if you have never voted before or are unclear about what an election is designed to do, then this article is for you.

Do Your Research

Prior to casting your vote, it is important that you do ample research into who and what you are voting for. Each candidate will run on what is called a platform. The platform is basically the ideology and set of rules that they wish to enact once they take political office. You should vote not only for a candidate, but also for the platform that the candidate runs on. That platform should reflect your own beliefs for how a nation should and can be run.

Vote Regularly

In order for the democratic government to actually work, it is important for the people to vote regularly and frequently. There are federal elections, state elections and local elections. Studies have shown that the majority of people vote in federal elections and neglect the local elections. However, the local elections effect the decisions you can make on a daily basis and should require equal attention.

You Can Only Vote Once

You are only allowed to cast your vote once per election. Therefore, make sure your vote represents your true sentiments. Also, know that each vote counts in an election. There have been times when entire elections have come down just to a few votes and those voters are wise to select the candidate or platform that truly represents how they feel about a situation. Keep in mind that once you vote you cannot change your vote, so vote carefully.

Elections are the best and most accurate way for a country to maintain a democratic government. When the citizens of a country have an opportunity to decide on a particular candidate that they wish to lead them, they are making a decision to elect the future course of the political nation. Elections allow candidates to voice their platforms and citizens to question their own beliefs for what they want from their country. As an active citizen, it is important that you exercise your right to vote in the annual local, national and state elections whenever possible.

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