Importance of Voting

Despite many peoples' views, it is crucial to get out and vote. There are a great many citizens who don't believe that their vote matters. What would the world look like right now if everyone had that same apathetic nature? There have been numerous elections on all levels ranging from local to state to federal elections that have been decided by 100 votes or fewer. This makes it farther than ever from the truth for anyone to think that their vote does not count.

It is possible to think that when it is all broken down that the candidates are the same, so why would you even elect one over another. This may be how you truly feel but just always keep in mind that who you elect will in some way, shape, or form have a direct impact on your children's future, your future, and your pocket for the next several years. If you are wondering how this is possible, there are many ways in which this can happen but the most common is that with every new president that is put into office by the voters, there is a possibility that a Supreme Court Justice of the United States will retire. The president, and the president alone, has all the power to nominate who the replacement will be and if you remember anything about politics remember this, Supreme Court justices are there until they want to leave, for life. Bills are passed through Congress and the President, vetos are the same, but when it all comes down to it, through the strict reading of the Constitution, the Supreme Court will determine the extent to which each and every American will live their life.

Without deflating the importance of any presidential election, it is also important critical vote in your state and local elections as well. Have you ever noticed yourself upset about the way school policies are for your children or how taxes are levied in your county? If this is you, then you should ask yourself if you have the right to disagree with these things. The question can read something like this, "Did I vote for that person or for that tax?" Everything that will change, believe it or not, will begin at a grass roots level, a level where no importance is given to whether you are living on a farm or in lower income area of a large metropolis. They sometimes forget and so do we, but they work for you, because you voted them in.

Some various reasons for not voting include the polls are too crowded, or you cannot get there on time, or you do not have transportation. There are many organizations that volunteer their time to enssure everyone's right to vote. Whether the excuse is apathy or laziness, voting has been taken for granted by a majority of those people with that right. The next time that you decide to not go and vote, you should think to yourself how upset you would be if you did not have that right any longer. This may sound far fetched but there are numerous places in the world where this option does not exist. Just ponder that one for a bit!

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