Government Agencies

Government Agencies: Serving and Protecting as Policy

Government agencies are formed to oversee and protect the nation. In general, there are two types of government agencies: permanent government agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, and temporary government agencies, such as the Katrina Relief agency. When a government agency is formed, a leader is usually appointed from a higher up, such as the president, governor or other governing body. That leader then has a responsibility to design and hire a team of workers to fulfill the agencies goal. Government agencies are also generally supported by government funds as well as public and private funds. Here is some more specific information about government agencies:

Why They Are Formed

Government agencies are formed to meet a need that directly effects the citizens of the country. That need could be as simple as needing to have clean air, or it could be as complex as needing to have handicap access in all public facilities. Sometimes that need is temporary, such as in the case of a disaster relief effort. Sometimes, though, that need is on-going, as is the case with many long-time established agencies.


Government agencies are generally funded by the government, with help from the private sector. In the annual budget, the president and other ruling bodies will set aside a fund that will supply money to the agencies. This money can be for operational expenses, such as salaries, as well as capital expenses, such as the build out of an agency's headquarters.

The Leadership

Usually a leader that is an expert in the field in which the agency specializes will be appointed to head the agency. This leader is tasked with pulling together a team, sometimes large, sometimes small, to complete the mission of the agency. If the leader is incompetent or does not meet his goals, he will likely be asked or forced to step down. The leader is generally a figure that will assume much of the public spotlight.

Government agencies protect and serve the people of a nation. They are designed to fulfill a need within the country, such as a need for disaster relief or a need for a cleaner environment. No matter why the agency is formed, its team of employees and volunteers must work hard to meet goals so that the agency can continue to meet its mission and vision. Government agencies are not always permanent and funding can always be taken away, therefore, many people find working in government agencies to be very stressful during funding time.

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