Free Cell Phone

An Eye Out for Free Cell Phones

The notion of a free cell phone is nearly overwhelming. A dime calling plan along with a sleek, brand new Motorola Razr may seem far from fraudulent or misleading. As we all know, the free cell phone is make-or-break when it comes to a client’s decision to enlist with a service provider and a calling plan. With cell phones vying for your attention with marketing ploys and tactics, its easy to see why someone would go for a free cell phone.

The mantra “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” certainly applies with free cell phone offers. The truth is, many of them mislead with the fine print. By receiving a free cell phone from any service provider, you are subject to their rules and regulations. Here are some of their not-so-out-there catches.

In many instances, free cell phones come with a price. It is first purchased, with a mail-in rebate being sent in that covers the cost of the purchase. However, mail-in rebates are notoriously “shady” when it comes to prompt reimbursement. With large waiting times and the hassle in filling one out, many people can go past their expiration dates or forget altogether, making the phone non-free to begin with. With rebates, free cell phone marketers are relying on the complicated ailing in process to discourage their customers from going any further. Don’t fall for this trick and choose wisely.

Of course, free cell phones come with various commitments. A free cell phone might require a one year commitment to a service provider, though most require a long two years. In the case you want to cancel service plans that could come with a heavy cancellation fee which cancels out the free cell phone by far. Another catch with free cell phones is limited options with the selection of service plans. Although service providers may offer the latest cell model free, it may only be had with the more expensive plans.

The last catch to free cell phones is the quality. Because they are offered for no money, quality may be shoddy with more heaviness or less features to them. It is always best to enroll in a low cost service plan with a shorter contract in case you want to switch service providers in the future. Remember, free cell phones are only for the non-savvy customers. Although there could be deals out there, it is important to remember the main reasons why they are offered in the first place.

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