Cell Phone Wallpaper

Creating and Finding Cell Phone Wallpaper

Everything around cell phones has become an industry now. Not just the production of individual buttons, cases, headphones, cell phone clothes, etc but an industry has sprang up around cell phone ringtones, wallpaper, custom sounds, videos, PC software and so on.

In the beginning when I was a wee lad there were those amazingly detailed black and green (I guess) screens that essentially consisted of about 50 rows of pixels. Then some larger screens came out, about 3-4 times the size but they still retained the two color pixelated technology. These could easily be created with utilities on the PC by drawing pixel to pixel. Nowadays things have gotten much simpler on one hand and a whole league more complicated as well.

Now you can just upload any old jpg picture file to your mobile phone and use it as a wallpaper. This makes it much easier and of course this enables you to put a picture of your dog, soul mate, house, arch-enemy, favorite band, etc. on the face of your phone. Complications start when you want to create something. While it was easy to use a 50 by 100 pixel pane to create a doodle it is quite hard to do all this in true-color on your PC. It requires advanced photoshop techniques and perhaps a tablet and some adequate hardware.

Luckily some designer folk provide a lot of web resources for building cool images quickly. Text modifiers are a frequent way to make cool logos and wallpaper texts, have a look on Cooltext.com to see what I mean or if you're into glam rock or barbies go for 123glitter.com! Many forms of text-manipulation exist so take a lookaround.

If you want a little more creative touches on your behalf try the excellent Graffiticreator.net which is a true gem of its kind. This website will generate a graffiti from an input word. Many styles are available but after choosing a style you'll be able to rotate, move, resize and color the graffiti. The best part is that different parts of the letters can be colored differently so you get a lot of options.

Another option is to find a public image that you want. Instead of going and typing sunset into google why not draw a sketch and search for photos that are similar? This does need some drawing skills but even I can draw some sketches (and I have trouble with stick figures). This technology is still in its incubational period, but it is rapidly progressing, keep an eye out for it. Try Retrievr to find out about and try this awesome technology.

Of course the hight of the true wallpaper maniac's career will take him to photoshop or xara or flash, or some other image editing program so he can create any image he wants. Photo editing is pretty simple in these programs, you could give that a go or just draw something from scratch, I'm sure you could also give custom background as a gift to someone!

After you have created these artworks be sure to save them in a format appropriate for your phone. Most should support jpg and maybe gif and bmp too, if you have a windows based phone you'll have no trouble in this department. Pictures can be uploaded via bluetooth, usb or infra connections and you should be able to find wallpaper or screen saver options in the display menu or something similar.
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