Cell Phone Ringtones

Personalize Your Cell Phone With a Ringtone

It is amazing to contemplate how many different cellular phone ringtones actually exist and that there are hundreds of websites pertaining to them. A ringtone is the sound originally attributed to wired telephony and was an electrical signal generated when a call was coming in. The ringing sound is what alerted the caller to answer the telephone. That sound was generated from the switch connected to the phone. In cell phone technology the ringtone is a radio wave. Originally each phone had several options so that the user could distinguish his or her phone from others in a group. Now it's become almost competition-like to see who can have the catchiest and most unique ring.

Vibrating Mode

Odd as it may sound, one of the most popular and necessary of the cellular phone ringtones is the silent one. In today's busy and wired world people attend a lot of meetings or other events where they don't wish to be disturbed by a ringing phone. As an alternative they can set their phone to a vibrating mode so they know when a call is incoming. They can feel it in a pocket or watch it start moving across a desk or table under its own power. Vibrating mode is especially handy in noisy rooms, places where a ringing phone would be inappropriate, and for the hearing impaired. People have become so rude about phone use that if they are at the theater or in a restaurant if they set their phone to vibrate they can at least answer the call outside when they feel it ringing.

Signing on for Ringtones

Customizing a personal phone has become the latest "cool" thing. In addition to cellular phone ringtones, cell owners can also create their own logos and screensavers. Some companies sell software allowing you to do all these things. The recording industry is making money from people downloading songs to use in ringtones. It's important to read the fine print if you contract for ringtones through the Internet. Some advertised as free in fact carry hidden fees, or won't let you out of the agreement without paying to terminate.

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