Cellular Phone Service

Choosing the Right Cellular Phone Service

There are countless cellular phone service providers out there on the market today, all touting a wide range of calling plans. From Nextel to Verizon, each offer their own unique benefits and advantages. To start, choosing a cellular phone service plan can be frustrating with all of the fine print that needs to be read, in addition to minute conditions. From region to region, cellular phone service vary slightly so its important to know which cellular phone services operate in your area.

Certain criteria must be followed when choosing a cellular phone service. This includes finding out its coverage, purpose of using the cell phone, use frequency, and technological aspects. Simply, cell phone coverage is the total land area in which you are able to make and receive phone calls. An apartment owner in New York would naturally want to have coverage of the entire New York metropolitan area, for example. Some cellular phone service providers have better coverage all-around than others. A tenement basement might have Verizon coverage, but not Sprint coverage, for example.

Where will you call? Many calling plans fall into local, regional, and national calling areas. With a larger coverage area come a higher amount you pay every minute. A local coverage plan may force you to pay for long distance and roaming charges if you trekked to the next state, for example. Calling plans limited to your immediate city usually brings the lowest rates. If your brothers in California and Texas get many phone calls, it’s best to go with a national plan.

What is the purpose of your cell phone? Do you own a small business where you talk to clients around the clock? Will it only be used for emergencies? Nevertheless, make sure your cellular phone service reflects your usage. Businessmen may require calling plans with loads of minutes, while emergency users may need only a prepaid plan every month. Usually, prepaid plans cost 10 cents a minute with higher fees going towards long distance areas.

When choosing a cellular phone service, there is also the question of technological perks. Do you want a cell phone that’s significantly upgraded like a Sidekick or a Blackberry? Or do you require a bare bones cell phone? The more features a cell phone contains, the more it may cost. Thankfully, there are some credible free cell phone offers out there. Before taking up one, be sure to read the fine print. Oftentimes, they ask for a rebate to be sent in that may take weeks to fulfill.

Follow the criteria for cellular phone services above and get the best plan for yourself and your family today.

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