Cell Phone Games

The Evolution of Cell Phone Games

The mobile game genre is slowly getting off the ground because of the technological breakthroughs and developments made in this area. It is quite easy to see that these small phones don't have the processing capabilities of a PC, but nevertheless they do allow for some good and interesting games.

When we were all young all we had was a memory game and perhaps the insanely good snake game. These games are all very well but today's youth seems to suffer from permanent ADD and they need something more stimulating. Mobile games have certainly evolved to their talents and now offer much better game play and graphics although game play will be a big issue because graphics will never be as good as on PC, at least not in the near future. This does have its positive sides as game play and perhaps story is much more important, focusing on that may give a good immersive experience despite crunchier graphics.

The defining moment in cellular games was when they started developing some more serious platforms and enabling some technology to run on them. Java was a big step in the evolution process, this enabled programmers to step out of the dark and make some good games, although they still lacked that certain something. Then along came the platforms like Windows Mobile, Symbian OS, Palm OS and so on. These are the environments that allow the development of more advanced games and facilitate the switch from 2D to 3D thus creating an extra dimension!

The limits of the technology push the games in two directions. Popular brands are always remade for the handheld segment and this injects some sort of quality insurance and familiarity into the games. While not as fun or as whole as their big brother on PC they can still provide a good gaming experience and a very fun way to pass the time if you've got any. The other way they go is to make well known mechanisms work again, as well as they ever did. Tetris, Super Mario and so on will never be out of date because they give simplicity and fun in a way that will always live on.

The way you play these games have changed too. In the beginning you had only the numpad for controls which could sometimes be a pain in the bottom, but now even on smaller phones keys are placed very well and on phones that are somewhat tuned to games they can be very ergonomic. The Nokia N-Gage is a superb example of the evolution that we are experiencing. Graphics are superb, a wide variety can be played and with an excellently constructed set. Aside from this of course this model gives you all the other assets of a good phone.

If you are looking for very basic games you are in luck as almost all mobiles now allow for simple game play with many hundred ones available for download, even straight to your phone. In this case I would advise choosing a cell from a different viewpoint than games as you'll have what you need anyway. If you are looking to be on the very edge of technology get a phone that is tuned to enable such game play and maybe be ready for future technological advancements.

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