Cheap Cell Phones

Cheap Cell Phones

Cheap cell phones are quite possibly the best invention. They appeal to people who can't afford the high end phones, but they also appeal to people who could but don't need the high end line

Reasons to Buy

Cheap cell phones for me are definitely the way to go. I actually prefer the low priced mid-range because of the style and look, but for me, and for most people I know, cheap phones contain everything needed. What I look for in a phone is the ability to call people, write messages, the ability to receive calls, messages and to have call and contact lists. If I want to surf the net or see a movie, watch TV and so on I use my laptop, or if I need a business contact management system I can also use my laptop (or a palmtop, if you prefer). I just find the screen to small, and if the screen gets too big the phone becomes cumbersome. Until they find a way to have folding screens I'm staying with cheaper phones.

Of course the other reason is that a lot of people don't have money for pricier phones, especially in some developing countries. The beauty of it is that cheap cells really do have everything you need to make calls so it's actually quite a good buy.

The Offering

So what exactly will every cheap phone give you? Quite a lot actually. Incoming, outgoing calls, messages, call lists, contact management and some basic call functions, like hold, maybe speaker phone. Some models will come with basic calendar features, you may even be able to synchronize with Outlook if you get the right model. Some basic games are probably included in the phone and a calculator.

Where to Get Them

There are really two good sources of mobile phones. You can usually still buy new phones that are old models, they will be much cheaper than their newer counterparts. The easiest though is to just go to ebay or amazon and take a look at the low priced phones. There will be a huge list, and while some phones may be used, they will still be in great shape. The upside here is definitely the wide range, and if you look hard enough you will definitely find what you are looking for.

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