Birthday Party Snacks

Birthday Party Snacks

There are a bunch of great ideas that you can use for birthday party snacks when you are planning the next celebration for your child. Of course, the birthday cake will always be your focal point, but it is always a great idea to have some other munchies on hand. There are several things that are fun and easy for you to put together so that you can have something a little bit different than the usual chips and pretzels. You can make some fun, kid friendly snacks as well as yummy items that the adults will enjoy too.

Of course, when you are coming up with different snack ideas, you may want to go by the theme or the age group of children that will be attending. When you have a group of younger children, it is always good to have fun snacks that are not very messy. One fun option would be Jell-O jigglers. Kids just love to eat these yummy treats and because they are harder set into a jiggler-form they do not create such a mess as regular Jell-O would. A fun idea is to get together a bunch of different cookie cutter shapes and make several different jigglers colors on baking sheets. You can either punch them out ahead of time, or you can be a bit more daring and make it a fun and edible project for the children. This is a fun birthday party snack that they will really enjoy!

When it comes to theme parties, you may want to plan your birthday party snacks accordingly. If your child is having a princess party or a tea party, you can plan the menu around the theme. You can really let your imagination run wild with frilly girls themes like this. How about serving up punch or juice in plastic champagne flutes? Maybe you can even serve lovely little sandwiches that you have cut out with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. You could even fill several serving trays with delicious cookies and small pastries. All of the little girls in attendance will feel as though they are at afternoon tea or a glamorous princess.

Are you having a pizza party for your little boy? There are still some great birthday party snacks that you can put together that would make a great addition to your pizza pies! Get all of the supplies together and have the boys help you out with making a dessert pizza. You can either use a pie crust or a sweet pizza dough and buy a bunch of fun toppings. Some great ideas to use include melted chocolate, gummy bears or worms, M&Ms and more. There are all kinds of great things that you can use to make interesting and delicious birthday party snacks.

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