The Challenges and Rewards of Parenting

Parenting has always been a challenge, but especially so today. Many parents find it increasing hard to balance the demands that a career and a homeownership take on them and often they don't know where to turn for advice. The first thing they need to understand is that they are not alone. Parenting is more then just a job because parents are never off of the clock. It is a challenge for everyone, more challenging then any kind of career. The reward however, is greater then just about anything that can be experienced in life.

Your job as a parent is to provide your children with the structure and direction they need to live up to their potential. To do this takes patience and understanding. Each child can be likened to a growing tree. Think of this tree as the centerpiece to your garden. A centerpiece is the one thing around which everything else in the garden is meant to showcase and compliment. If left on to grow on its own with little direction, it wouldn't really be anything to be proud of. The tree will have spread itself too far potentially keeping it from developing a solid root system. The leaves may not be as healthy as they should be, the limbs may be droopy. Basically it is a mess. With direction and care, a tree can grow to incredible heights far surpassing what we thought possible. Understanding will help us to know in what areas to allow nature to take its course and then at the same time to know when nature needs a little help. The goal of a good parent is basically the same. Realistic expectations along with striving to provide the very best opportunities are the only way to ensure that children get the care and attention they need.

Things to Consider

Good parents are a benefit to the community, as good-natured and well-balanced children grow up to be productive members of society. Before starting a family you need to consider what kind of life will you be offering your little ones. Is it a happy home where children can express themselves and will be allowed to be children? What kind of education will the children have? Are there plans to send the children to college? These are important questions that every couple should consider prior to starting a family. The more prepared you are beforehand, the more prepared you will be to offer the very best you can offer.

Parenting takes hard work and perseverance. Realize your limitations and the fact that doing it alone is a very difficult task. There are tons of Parenting books written to help and the internet abounds with great advice for dealing with just about any situation that could affect a family.

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