Family Planning

Family Planning and Its Impact on Your Family's Future

Family Planning is a method that helps couples decide when they want to have children. By keeping track of changes in the menstrual cycle, a woman can make decisions on whether or not sexual intercourse will result in pregnancy. The chances of having a baby are greatest when sexual intercourse takes place just before and after ovulation. Keeping natural body changes in mind, doctors advocate natural and artificial methods to help birth control. Childless couples also use these methods as advised by their doctors in order to start families. So family planning is not just a preventive measure.

Natural Family Planning Methods

By using the symptothermal method, a woman takes her temperature at ovulation time. When there is an increase in temperature and the cervical mucus is sticky, then the chances of getting pregnant are higher. Periodic abstinence from sexual intercourse is another method to prevent pregnancy. The rhythm method based on a woman’s menstrual cycle calendar is not very reliable since changes in the monthly cycle are not taken into consideration. The withdrawal method is also not fool proof. Using these methods is ideal for couples that are beginning to start a family but in case of long-term trials it is better to consider a doctor’s advice. There are many other methods that enable or prevent conception.

Artificial Family Planning Methods

Barrier methods involve the use of condoms in the case of men and the cervical cap or diaphragm in case of women. Contraceptives can also be of the oral kind where hormones are used to influence the woman’s menstrual cycle. Other preventive methods are intrauterine devices that have to be inserted. Sterilization is an option for both men and women. None of these Family Planning methods have any serious side effects. Visiting a doctor is best to clarify which method suits you best. For example undergoing sterilization is a serious decision that has to be carried out with absolute certainty that having children is no longer an option.

Family Planning Support

Various communities view Family Planning in different ways. Some are firmly against it and others are more liberal. In order to make use of these methods it is important that the couple involved receive maximum support from their Family members. There are counselors for this purpose. Family members should try to be supportive rather than interfering. Follow-up meets with doctors also ensure the progress of the couple’s plans to start a happy, healthy Family.

Family Planning Initiatives

Family planning initiatives are being taken in countries all over the world. Organizations like the WHO are trying to educate people in over-populated countries to take up the cause of birth control. At a local level various institutions and agencies are campaigning for the cause. The reasons for this mass initiative is to protect mothers from unsafe pregnancies, control sexually transmitted diseases and, of course, restrict the Family to a healthy financially plausible number. In some countries, on the other hand, larger families are being encouraged as the population in those parts are thinning down rapidly. Family Planning is a social responsibility that cannot be overlooked.

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