Credit Cards

Why Buy with a Credit Card?

Borrowing and lending have been around since time began. Lending money used to be a complex ritual involving banks and collateral. Fortunately, many finance companies have now made it possible for the average consumer to have access to advance capital virtually whenever it's needed or desired. Credit cards have allowed many Americans as well as people the world over, access to previously unheard of buying power.

There are many possible uses for credit cards. For instance, if you don't have quite enough spare cash to finish a home repair or to purchase much-needed appliances. Small business credit cards are even available with no pre-set spending limit and a very low introductory interest rate (some even charge no interest from six months to up to a year!) so that you can purchase everything you need to get your small business off the ground.

Credit cards can also be an excellent way to track your finances and manage your spending. Every credit card includes with it an itemized receipt of all charges that have been made, so you can easily track all of your spending instead of taking hours to comb through receipts and your check register, trying to track down a particular purchase. Credit cards can, along these same lines, easily help with family or individual budgeting, since you have a very clear record of all purchases made in one convenient location, you can know at a glance exactly what you paid for food, gas, entertainment, etc. in a particular month.

Purchases made with a credit card can generally be returned to the store even if you don't have a receipt, because at most major stores, your purchase can be electronically traced through your credit card, even without a paper receipt. Major credit card companies are also now making it much easier to dispute purchases made without your consent, such as fraudulent purchases made with a stolen card, or problems due to identity theft. Remember, credit cards can actually be safer than cash because, even if they're stolen, they can be canceled with one simple phone call. Try doing that when your wad of cash gets stolen out of your car!

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