Credit Card Offers

Sort Through All the Credit Card Offers

If you’re like most Americans, you probably receive two to three credit card offers in the mail per week. Obviously, you can’t accept them all, but if you’re looking for a good card, how do you choose between all that are being offered to you?

There are a few criteria to watch for when selecting a good credit card:

Stick with a major company

Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express are the current top four. Aside from being accepted almost everywhere you go, many of these companies will offer deals that other, smaller companies are not able to, such as very low introductory interest rates, better customer support and service and stolen card/identity theft protection.

Check out what the limit is.

There are good and bad things about both high and low limits. If you’re looking for a card for your teenager, a low limit that doesn’t allow him or her to spend too much, or is for use just in emergencies, is ideal. If you’re prone to spending more than you should, a low-limit card may be perfect for you to use exclusively for bills and other daily expenses. However, if you use a card for business expenses or large household items, than you may need the buying power that a higher-limit card can offer.

Find out what the Credit Card company will give you to join

Remember – you’re selecting them. Make sure that your credit card company will treat you the way you want to be treated. Many cards, such as Visa’s GM card, will offer you a certain percentage of your balance back against the purchase of a new car or truck. For example, with the GM card, if you spend ten thousand dollars a year, you get one hundred to two hundred dollars back against the purchase of a new General Motors vehicle. Many cards also offer interest reductions for people who pay their credit card off every month, or cards that offer frequent flyer miles. Right now, MasterCard is offering a card that gives you a five percent rebate on every purchase you make with it. The offers change almost daily so don’t wait!

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