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Popular Websites for Kids

It is important to make sure that the websites being looked at by your children are safe, fun and family friendly. There are a lot of sites out in the world today that have the ability to market themselves towards a family environment and be completely successful. These popular sites are ones that should always be supported.  

You must be involved with what the kids are doing online, who are they talking to, there are some nasty statistics out there, don’t let your kids be one of them. Talk to your kids about what you feel is permissible for them to look at, set the boundaries and is necessary install internet filters. Make sure your children understand what information they can and can’t give out online. They may not realize the dangers of mentioning what school they attend, their real names etc. Make sure you watch what they are doing, make surfing the net a family affair. Teach them to search safely and help them by being critical of the sites and some of the information they get from them. There are some really great sites around like ask Jeeves for kids; it is full of news resources, fun and games, a dictionary, thesaurus. World atlas etc. This site is highly recommended. Another great site for the kids and inquisitive adults is There are learning games for the kids from preschoolers through to grade 6, there are arcade games for all ages, writing and blogging for the kids, craft ideas, poetry and a good list of links for the kids to really safe sites Worth a for the young and the young at heart. There is the NASA Kids club, cool science for curious kids, kid’s planet National Wildlife Federation and a good one called KidsHealth. Don’t forget sites like storyline online, The Magic School Bus and the International Children’s Digital Library.

One very different site, more for family issues than for the kids alone is, an online community of family and friends. Each day they publish a collection of family related blogs. is getting the best tips, information and resources for families on the internet. The are articles on all manner of topics relating to everyday life and family situations, ideas, forums and blogs. There are literally thousands of pages of information.

Registering is free and takes about 2 minutes and a confirmation email and you can login and join this community. Share photos, write blogs, send messages and join in conversations with others. Plus tap into any information you find necessary.

There are plenty of very popular family friendly sites that can keep you and the kids entertained for hours on end.

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