The Importance of Friends

Why We Have Friends

Friends are incredibly important aspects of our everyday lives. We need friends to enjoy the good times and the turn to during the bad times. Regardless of your age, having a friend who shares common interests is a sure fire way to get the most out of life. There are many different types of friends that can be made as well. Some people have friends at home, at school, at camp, at an activity, at church, or maybe even friends whom they have never met before in person! The types of friends that can exist are numerous, but remember that it is the quality of the friendship and not the number of friends that an individual has that will benefit in the end.

How to Make Friends

The task of making friends does not always come easy to all people. Some individuals seem to have a knack for making fast friends, whereas other individuals require a great deal of time and effort into creating their friendships. Most individuals think about making new friends when they move, transfer schools, or are placed into new situations. However, you have the potential to make at least one new friend every day. The person next to you in class, on the sports field, or even on the bus can potentially be a new friend that you are just waiting to meet. When meeting a new person, remember to be yourself. After all, what good is being friends with someone when you have to put on a face other than your own? In the end, friendships made under false pretenses fail to last.

Saying No to a Friend

One of the hardest tasks imaginable is saying no to a friend. However, it is completely necessary to say no to a friend who is asking you to participate in activities that you feel are inappropriate or wrong. Remember the old adage that parents continually use in these situations: “if everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you?” If a friend is trying to get you in trouble with parents, teachers, or potentially even the law, then he or she is not your true friend. True friends would not put you in an awkward or uncomfortable situation. Furthermore, true friends would not use you in order to get something that they want. When you say no to a friend, you will quickly learn if that individual is a true friend or not.

The Impact of Friends

The thoughts and opinions of a friend is often incredibly important. However, remember that you are your won person and that your friend should be your friend regardless of your actions or activities. If your friend is pushing you to do something that you simply do not want to do, then it is okay to avoid that activity. On the other hand, a friend can be the voice of reason if you are attempting to do something that is just plain wrong. It is not uncommon for individuals to thank their friends for stopping them from doing something wrong.

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