Kids Sports

Kids Sports are Crucial for Development

Apart from sports in schools many kids are involved in their chosen sport outside school hours. There are many sports that children can be involved in many starting as young as 4 years of age. These sports can be found in places such as church groups, youth centers, and local recreation parks that are ran from the municipal government level.

The are fitness type games which encourage children to be active and have fun. Children can enjoy skipping, running, and obstacle courses. There are also the more traditional forms of sport such as swimming, baseball, and athletics. Many for the games have modified rules for the enjoyment and safety of the younger players, has having playing and having fun is more important then winning or losing.

Children should be encouraged to try as many sports as possible and parents must keep an open mind and let the child pick which sport he or she enjoys the most. Children also need time to be kids and just play with the structured games.

When a sport is selected it is important that the sports organization and /or coach that will be in the best interests of your child. You might want to consider here that this sport should be one that you and your child pick together because you do not want them in a sport they do not want to play.

As well as team sports there are many other sports children can become involved in, as individual sports and pastime can often carry on into adulthood and in fact be played for the rest of their lives such as tennis, golf, squash, bowling and martial arts.

Parents too should learn the rules of these sports so they have an understanding of their child’s interest. Parents must also abide by the unwritten code of conduct. Parent should not yell at their children for not playing well, parents should not yell at players from opposing teams or their parents on the side line. Many a children’s game of sport has turned ugly by parents arguing on the side lines. Children’s early experiences in sport can have a very positive or negative effect on their interest in sport and physical activities and health later in life.

If possible parents should also become involved in the areas of coaching and helping out. In order for parent to become coaches not only must you know the rules of the sport but also understand a little about topics like, Why kids play sport, winning and losing, discipline and team work and the coach as a role model. A coach must also know about injury prevention and treatment, conditioning the young athlete and child abuse protection. Most sporting association welcome volunteers and are happy to advice on completing coaching qualifications.

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