Art for Kids

Fun Projects to Do on Your Own (Parents Optional)

If you are looking for some art for kids to do on your own, there are plenty of projects that you can get involved in. While it is usually good to tell your parents that you will be doing some art projects, art for kids projects doesn't have to involve having a parent watch over you. There are many art for kids projects that you can start on your own and they don't have to be very complicated. Here are three popular art projects for kids that you may be interested in starting today.

Build a Nature House

A miniature nature house is a house made entirely out of products that you find in nature. This art for kids project does not cost anything and it is usually pretty clean. You can either do it inside or outside. First, walking around your yard and collect items that would make great house tools. For example, you might want sticks to hold up your walls and you might want to put moss on the roof. Once you have collected a fair amount of items, take them to a work-station, like the ground or a work table. If you are going to take these items indoors, it is a good idea to tell your parents that you are working on and art project so that they can make sure that you aren't making a mess in an area that should be clean.

Make Prints

If you enjoy making things on your own, then one great art for kids project is print making. It's very simple, but you might want a parent to help you because it involved using a sharp object. Take a potato and cut it in half. On the cut side, carve out a design, like a heart or a smiley face. Be careful when you carve, especially if you are using a sharp knife. Remember to never point a knife blade towards your body. Next, press the potato half into a thin layer of paint - just enough to coat the potato in paint. Next, press the coated side firmly onto a piece of paper. When you remove the potato, you will find that there is an image on the paper where you had made your potato imprint!

Make Stained Glass

It is very easy to create stained-glass windows using household items. For this project, you will need old crayons, waxed paper and adult supervision. First, melt the crayons one by one. Drop the wax into a pattern on the wax paper and press another layer of wax paper into the melted wax. This art for kids project is very easy, but you can see that is can easily get very messy as well. Melt and press as many crayons and colors together as you see fit. Then, tape the wax paper to your window and watch what happens as the sun shines through.

Art for kids doesn't always have to take a lot of time or require much supervision. Of course, if the project involves hot wax or sharp objects, it is always recommended that you get a parent around just in case something goes wrong. Art for kids is easy and most adults love joining in. What's best about art for kids is that kids always are able to make gifts and fun things that they can use or give away to people they like. If you are looking for some more art for kids, then do a quick Internet search; you are sure to find plenty of Web sites that offer fun ideas.

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