Baby Shower Games

Fun Baby Shower Games for a Winning Tyke

Baby showers are a traditional time of fun and celebration. Therefore, baby shower games are designed to help the soon-to-be mom and her friends have fun and enjoy the last few month before the baby arrives. There are hundreds of baby shower games that you can play with your new mom at her baby shower. Naturally, baby shower games are themed around the upcoming baby and, in general, involved items such as baby bottles and pacifiers. If you are in charge of the games at your upcoming baby shower, be sure to read through the list of game requirements in advance to make sure that you purchase all the necessary items. Here are a few of the most popular baby shower games:

Pin the Lips on the Bottle

For this baby shower game, you will need to print a large cut out of a baby bottle in advance. Also, print a pair of lips for each attendant at the baby shower. Put a small piece of Velcro at the top of the baby bottle and on the back of each of the lips. At the baby shower, you will need to blindfold each participant - one at a time - and have them try to match their lips with the top of the baby bottle. This baby shower game is fun and usually draws plenty of laughs.

Ring the Bottle

The games of ring the bottle involves setting up a series a baby bottles in bowling pin style. Be sure to purchase enough (about 10) bottles in advance. Purchase rings that are about the size of a bracelet. Each participant will stand behind a line and try to get the ring on the bottle. If a participant wins, then she gets a prize.

Change the Diaper

The game of change the diaper tests the soon-to-be-mom's speed at changing diapers. Basically, there is a line of party attendees. Each attendee has 10 diapers that they must change on a stuffed animal or doll. The first person to complete the task wins a prize (and hopefully it will be the soon-to-be-mom!.

Baby shower games are a fun way to enjoy the experience of bringing a new baby into the world with close friends and family member. If you are getting ready to go to a baby shower, make sure that whoever is organizing the shower has plenty of baby shower games available. If not, then make sure that you plan some. Be sure to purchase all of the necessary items for the baby shower games so that the day is completed without a hitch. Fun and celebration should be the theme for the baby shower - feel free to get a little creative too!

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