Family Safety

Important Family Safety Information for All Families

Keeping Your Family Safe at Home

Believe it or not, the majority of accidents in this country happen in or around the home. For this reason, ensuring your home is safe will also ensure that your family will be safe within this familiar structure. The main problem rooms in the home are the bathroom and the kitchen. From spills in the bathtub to burns on the stove, these two rooms can be a veritable mouse trap of potential problems. For this reason, strive to learn about the common problem areas and correct any problems that may exist. Simple solutions like apply non-slip pads in the bottom of the bathtub or installing special anti-scalding devices on your faucets can go a long way to preventing accidents around the home.

Develop a Fire Safety Plan

Fire safety is a huge part of family safety. Especially in households with young children, educating everyone in the family of how to act and react to a fire is critical. For this reason, develop a fire plan and regularly practice the plan with everyone in your family. A fire plan should include several different escape routes from each room in the home in case of fire. All upstairs bedrooms should have collapsible ladders stowed in the event that it becomes necessary to escape from a window. Also, smoke detectors should be regularly tested, with the batteries being changed on a regular basis. Typically, batteries in smoke detectors need to be changed twice a year, which is why many fire departments encourage individuals to change their batteries when they change the time on their clocks.

Establish Backyard Safety Rules

When it comes to family safety, the backyard can be filled with potential accidents. Establish backyard safety rules for everyone in your household. Many homeowners find that the installation of a privacy fence is a great way to further foster backyard safety, as children can avoid busy streets during their play time. If you have a swimming pool, stream, river, pond, lake, or any other body of water in your backyard, special safety steps should be taken. These steps include educating all individuals about the potential danger associated with water. Additionally, the area should be fenced off with a special locking gate that can only be opened by adults. Finally, rescue devices, including life preservers, should be in place in case someone falls into the water.

Talk With Your Family About Safety Measures

All families should have a special time to discuss family safety. This time should include an open discussion about any aspects of life that could put family safety in danger. Such dangers can also include virtual ones, as cyberspace has become a place of concern among parents. The World Wide Web seems to be a hanging point for predators, especially those interested in harming children. For this reason, careful monitoring and encouraging your children to report any suspicious activity is key to keeping the Internet in your home secure. Also, if your child is experiencing any problems outside of the home, they should be brought up in these safety discussions so that you can determine the best way to handle these problems.

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