Family Unity

Steps for Encouraging Family Unity

Step One: Become a Family

Just because a group of people share genetic code or a home does not make that group of individuals a family. For this reason, it is essential to become a family in order to encourage family unity. Instead of living as individuals under one roof can be detrimental to family unity. For this reason, it is important that everyone in the family begins to act as such. Strive to support, encourage, and love everyone in the family. Remember that being a family is not easy, and in many instances it is far more difficult to act as a family than it is to act as individuals.

Step Two: Dine Together as a Family

Family dinners play an incredibly important role when it comes to fostering family unity. In the past, families dined together each and every night. In addition to nourishing the body of the family through a well balanced meal, dining together as a family also nourishes the spirit of the family. Through family dinners, everyone in the family will have an opportunity to discuss things important to them, regale tales of their day, or just enjoy each other’s company. However, in the more recent years, families have stopped dining together for a host of reasons. Even if you are not able to sit down as a family at every meal, make the effort to do so at least several times a week. Keep in mind that family mealtimes do not need to involve elaborately prepared meals, just some type of food and the attention of everyone in the family.

Step Three: Establish Family Night

One great way to encourage family unity is to establish a family night. This night should take place at least once a week and should be mandatory for all members of the family. Due to the schedule of each individual in the family, your family night may take place on different nights each week, but it should still take place whenever possible. A family night should involve a specific activity that will allow enjoyment and conversation to happen. Try to avoid incredibly competitive activities that may work to discourage family unity instead of encourage it. However, possible options for family night can include board games or nature walks. Try to avoid passive activities like watching a movie or a television show, as these activities generally do not encourage conversation.

Step Four: Family Support

Every member of the family is important, so the activities of the family members should be treated important as well. For example, if a child is a part of a sports team, bring the whole family to root him or her on to victory. Similarly, if a child enjoys an artistic activity, show that you support him or her by attending recitals, art shows, or concerts. In addition to these productions, showing support during practices is incredibly important. Encourage everyone in the family to show support and the family will continue to bond and work as one.

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