Weight Loss Supplements

The Truth About Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss supplements, while popular, are not miracle pills that enable you to slim down super fast. There are many fraudulent pills doing the rounds and only correctly prescribed and scientifically proven drugs are to be used. Different kinds of weight loss supplements include caffeine, L- carnitine, chitosan, chromium, flax oil, lipotropics, etc. There are different kinds of weight loss supplements. Prescription weight loss supplements are strictly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and are used by obese patients. Over the counter weight loss supplements are not tested or regulated and can be risky.

Benefits of Using Weight Loss Supplements

If the weight loss supplements are prescribed by your doctor, then combined with exercise and a fat-free diet, you can beat those bloating calories. It is impossible to expect that by popping a weight loss supplement pill you will be short of a few pounds in a week. Losing much-needed muscle is dangerous. The idea behind using a weight loss supplement is to trick your body into using body fat as fuel. By controlling your body hormonally, you lose fat and suppress your chances of becoming prone to a host of diseases- cancer, common cold, blood pressure, being a few.

Side Effects of Weight Loss Supplements

Over the counter weight loss supplements could be unregulated and wrong dosage could lead to a variety of side effects. Nervousness, tremors, diarrhea, bulging eyes, palpitation and even heart failure are some of the potential side effects. Like any other prescription drugs, prescription weight loss supplements have the usual possibilities of side effects. Diet pills that work on the brain could result in blood pressure, chest pain, hair loss and depression. Those weight loss supplements that work on the gut could result in oily feces, unexpected fecal discharge or diarrhea. With the onset of these symptoms, it would be best to discontinue the drug.

Herbal Weight Loss Supplements

Herbal weight loss supplements are usually available in food stores and are sold as over the counter drugs. They boost fat metabolism and in the short term allow weight loss. However, since these weight loss supplements are not regulated, there are a whole lot of side effects to deal with, including strokes and seizures. The problem with purchasing these weight loss supplements is the lack of knowledge the retailers display when they sell these high-risk products. Different herbal weight loss supplements act differently- some affect metabolism and others flush fat. It is not wise to under estimate the powerful side effects of herbal weight loss supplements.

Precautions While Using Weight Loss Supplements

Before opting for weight loss supplements, understand that there is no easy way to lose weight. Exercise and dietary regulation is a must. You must consult a doctor first and explain your medical history in detail. If initially you are advised to follow dietary changes, then wait until the doctor advices you to take weight loss supplements. Educate yourself on the side effects of the weight loss supplement you have opted for. Be wary of scams in the weight loss industry. Weight loss supplements can only give your metabolism a nudge. The rest of the journey is up to you.

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