Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss Keeps Pounds Off

Successful natural weight loss involves listening to the body’s signals about hunger, feeding the body correctly and addressing the needs of the total body. This natural form of losing weight is gaining popularity among dieters. With natural weight loss, the focus is slightly less on the amount of weight loss as it is the process of doing it right and keeping the weight off permanently.

In order to live a healthier life style, weight loss cannot be seen as an end in and of itself, but rather as part of a complete transformation from the most very basic part of the human composition to the outer body.

A body that functions correctly is the one that will benefit from the natural weight loss method, so it is important to begin with bringing the body to a level of wellness before attempting to get rid of additional weight. This is done through detoxification. In order to have proper function of the body’s cells, they must be in a state of reception for the right nutrition, which is where detoxification comes in – disposing of toxins in the body and then working to keep them away permanently.

Stimulants are substances that cause unnatural changes or reactions in the body. The most common stimulant is refined, white sugar. Sugar typically makes the blood sugars in the body skyrocket before they come crashing down. The physical and psychological reactions the human body gets from eating sugar are as a result of the stimulation of sugar. It is recommended that an individual substitutes white sugars with dark ones, such as browns and natural sugar such as cane sugar, however, all sugars, except those found in fruits, should be avoided when detoxing the body.

Often, during detoxification, the body will experience a host of unpleasant symptoms such as headaches, sicknesses, depression and fatigue or an immediate loss of energy. These are common symptoms and are part of the body’s process of self-cleansing. They are also only temporary.

Four Tips to Natural Weight Loss:

1. Eat more – natural weight loss is more about changeling a lifestyle than it is about losing weight and this includes a potentially radical change in diet, such as the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in large quantities.

2. Exercise – exercise is the biggest key to natural and more permanent weight loss. Only about 30 minutes every day can drastically improve the body’s health and, in combination with a health diet and a change in lifestyle will ensure the weight does not return.

3. Don’t Rush Through It – Natural weight loss, as with any loss of weight, should be looked at as a process with many steps and one that does, and should take time.

4. Examine Expectations – Ask the important questions such as, “what kind of eater am I?” Remember that natural weight loss is about changing from the inside out. Understand that this process will address the total person and that the long term benefits of understanding the motivations behind eating may be just as important, perhaps even more so, as losing the weight.

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