Fast Weight Loss

Three Ways to Peel off the Pounds Through Fast Weight Loss

Fast weight loss is almost never recommended, except in very extreme cases and under the strict supervision of a physician. Many people who want to lose weight may look into gimmicks and other hurried solutions to get their bodies into the shape they feel is most desirable, however, the human body is not meant to lose large amounts of weight in a short amount of time. Doing so can put extraordinary pressure on the major systems such as the cardiovascular system and can have dire effects, even proving fatal in some cases.

However, there are still those who wish to lose weight quickly no matter what the risks. There are generally three ways that people use to reach their end goal in a hurry.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Weight loss surgery is a fast weight loss solution that involves a laparoscopic procedure to drastically reduce the size of the stomach. There is more than one way a doctor will can go about this. Generally, the stomach is stapled to a size that is roughly about twenty percent of the original size. Another way is to use a rubber band to close off a large portion of the stomach, leaving room for only very tiny amounts of food.

In essence, the body is sent into a state of starvation and the weight is rapidly lost. One of the biggest drawbacks to this procedure is that many overeaters cannot stop the habit of overeating and the stomach staples can tear and cause major internal damage.

Fad Diets

Fad diets are those that are praised for their ability to drastically reduce weight in a very short amount of time, sometimes as little as one day, or by allowing the dieter to eat anything they want while losing weight. These methods are not only proven to be unsafe, but can be fatal. Pills, laxatives, powers, liquids are often not regulated, let alone approved by the Food and Drug Administration and may contain ingredients, such as phen-phen – a component that has been linked to fatalities. The truth is, there is no weight loss pill that can bring about fast weight loss. It’s a myth.

All One Food Diets

Some people believe that eating only one type of food, such as those with negative calories, like melon, can induce fast weight loss. While this may be technically true, the body will suffer mightily for it. From hair loss to changing skin colors, the lack of nutritional value of eating one food only for a prolonged period of time will cause harm that may never go away.

The bottom line is that fast weight loss is certainly possible using almost any method, but it is important to consider the long-term risks versus the long-term benefits. Many people gain the weight back soon after losing it too quickly and almost always suffer visibly from extremely loose, flabby skin that used to contain the body’s fat. In the long run, losing weight slowly is better for the body’s health in every capacity.

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