Weight Loss Plans

Weight Loss Plans to Help You Lose Weight Successfully

For those who want to lose weight, there are a wide variety of options that incorporate natural and artificial weight loss methods. Most people begin with the choice to place themselves on a weight loss plan. Weight loss plans are those that provide a guide for eating, while recommending exercise. While there are many plans that are similar in their approach to weight loss, in recent years, there has been explosion of new choices on the weight loss market. For those who have struggled with their weight and are looking for options, there is something for almost everyone to choose from, that will encompass their lifestyle, health and eating preferences.


Mediterranean-style weight loss plans are those that follow the traditional eating styles of those who live in the Mediterranean areas of the world. Typically these plans are rich in healthy fact – those that the body can process efficiently and without many negative side effects. Also there are a number of foods that are natural antioxidants and have heavy doses of fresh fruits and vegetables.

One well-recorded benefit of following a Mediterranean weight loss plan is that is can help improve cholesterol levels and contributes towards heart health. There is little use of red meat and process foods are very restricted. Foods that are found on a Mediterranean weight loss plan include pastas, fish, olive oil, nuts and seeds.

South Beach

The South Beach weight loss plan is designed to overhaul lifestyle, in addition to reducing the weight on the body. Although there are restrictions in the beginning, the South Beach weight loss plan begins with a detoxification of the body system in order to begin at a place of bodily cleanliness, purifying the body’s needs and cravings for sugar.

Initially, this weight loss plan works in three phases. The first phase begins with a diet of mostly protein-based foods such as seafood, chicken, eggs, cheese and nuts. Carbohydrates such as wheat, pasta, potatoes, or even fruit are forbidden during the first phase, which lasts for two weeks. There is generally no limit to how much of these can be eaten in the first phase of this weight loss plan, however the extreme lack of sugar can cause the dieter to experience symptoms of withdrawal including headaches, dizziness and mood swings.

During the second phase, some carbohydrates, such as fruits, some pastas and even chocolate, can be added back into the diet, but on a limited basis. The third phase is where most people remain and almost all foods are added back into the diet, however, healthy food choices are more likely to be made form this point on, as the dieter will have learned how to control the pattern of their eating by having followed the plan.

Blood Types

The concept of eating based on blood type (A, B, O and AB) is not necessarily a new one, but has gained popularity in recent years with it’s the marketing of it as a weight loss plan in the book, “Eating Right for Your Blood Type.” Based on the blood type of the individual, there is a specific eating plan that includes foods that a particular blood type is the most efficient at processing into the body.

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