Quick Weight Loss

Effective Methods for Quick Weight Loss

For most people, losing weight quickly is simply not possible without extorting to drastic measures. On average, the human body will lose weight at a rate of approximately 1 – 2 pounds per week. This is based on a weight loss method that is considered to be natural or healthy and is nutritionally based; however there are people who do experience the natural loss of much more weight.

Quick weight loss can happen by using a variety of methods. These more drastic measures involve surgery, starvation or stimulants and can have dire effects on the body’s long-term health. However, depending on your present diet, if you make some simple modifications can help you to quickly drop some pounds.

Natural Path

Natural weight loss involves cutting calories and increasing exercise. Keep in mind that your body has a very natural balance that must be maintained. Each calorie is a small bit of energy that will turn into fat if it is not used. Therefore, balance the caloric intake of your body with the amount of calories that you burn off through exercise. In order to understand how many calories you are putting into your body, keep track in a journal or calorie log. You can then record the amount of exercise that you are undertaking in order to make sure that you are exercising enough to burn those calories.


Diet pills are a method used by many people to obtain a quick weight loss. While many of the manufacturers of these pills claim to be doctor approved, the reality is that most of them have not been approved or even evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This can pose a great risk to the person who takes them as many times these pills contain ingredients that can harm health.

Caffeine is a commonly used stimulant in diet pills as is ephedrine. Both of these elements are used to stimulate the body into overdrive and can make the user feel jittery, nervous, short of breath or hyper. The greatest harm is when diet pills are combined with other medications and, since they are not evaluated by the FDA, the risk of a dangerous drug interaction is very real. Both ephedrine and caffeine can cause the heart to beat rapidly and, for those suffering from a preexisting heart condition, it can even be fatal.


Weight loss surgery is another way to achieve a relatively rapid weight loss. Although the weight loss may seem to take a relatively long time, in actuality, the extra weight is lost much more quickly than with most other methods when you elect to lose weight through surgery. However, keep in mind that surgery will also negatively effect your body in the long run, as it is an unnatural way to alter its shape and chemistry.

Gastric Bypass surgery is done laproscopically and most patients see their target goal weight reached within a year or so. This rate is outstanding, as gastric bypass surgery is typically used on only extremely obese individuals.

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