Weddings are Joyous Events No Matter Where You Are

Aside from birth, weddings are considered by most to be one of the most important days a person will experience. Marriage is an institution that has been around for thousands of generations in one form or another and will continue to play a major role in the lives of future generations.

Wedding customs vary from country to country and even within the same country. Religious affiliation usually plays a big part in the marriage ceremony. In most countries a marriage also involves some involvement of the local government in the form of licenses or blood tests.

The Purpose of Weddings

The purpose of marriage ceremony is to join together two people in what is to be viewed as a lifetime commitment. The vows made are meant to bind two people together through both the good times and the bad, until the death of a mate. The vows are usually followed by a reception where guests shower the newly married couple with gifts and money to help them in their new life. While the customs will vary from place to place, the general idea behind marriages are the same. In the past some marriages were carried out to increase the power and wealth of families but that is no longer a common practice.

Marriage does provide financial benefits to the couple though. In some countries tax laws are said to favor married couples over single people. The combined money making ability of two people is also a benefit since they may be able to save for retirement easier. Marriage itself even has health benefits. It has been reported that people who are married and in a healthy relationship have on the average lower blood pressure and recover faster from illnesses. Some doctors contribute this to the feelings of happiness that a spouse is able to bring about in a person.

Weddings can be formal affairs, informal ceremonies, or even in rare cases group ceremonies involving several couples at the same time. Considering how important of a day it is, it is no wonder that the wedding industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Most people feel they need to spare no expense on the ceremony and have a day they will remember. Despite the sometimes stressful planning involved, this joyous day is for many a beautiful and solemn occasion that they share with friends and family. No matter how you look at it though, weddings haven't really changed all that much. The customs may be a little different and the goals may be different, but weddings are still a very important aspect of modern society.

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