Wedding Decorations

Finding a Unique Theme for Your Wedding Decorations

Creating unique wedding decorations is simpler than you might think – all you have to do is use some creativity. Take ideas that you find in your favorite magazine, or steal an idea from another wedding you’ve attended. The important thing isn’t to be entirely original, but to take an traditional idea and give it a twist, making wedding decorations that are special and reflect your own tastes and ideas.

Instead of the traditional – and, let’s face it, tacky – money tree, set up a wine bottle tree as one of your wedding decorations. Drop a note in your wedding announcement or invitations inviting guests to contribute a bottle of wine or champagne for your collection. You’ll have a great cellar to start out your new life, and you can pull a bottle out every year on your anniversary as a way of celebrating.

If you have an interesting collection that you love, use the items as centerpieces or decorations. If you collect shells, buttons or marbles, place them in vases on the tables. One couple, who collected toys, made centerpieces that looked like wedding cakes and topped them with “brides and grooms” that were action figures – Batman and Catwoman, Superman and Wonder Woman, Mulder and Scully, etc. If there’s something special that the two of you love, use it as part of your wedding decorations for something that’s not only fun, but meaningful to you both!

Use Your Hobbies for Inspiration

In a similar vein, look at whatever hobbies the two of you share for wedding decoration inspiration. D you enjoy birdwatching together? Use birdhouses filled with flowers, or get an ice sculpture carved of your favorite bird. Do you travel? Use old suitcases stacked up on the floor – your guest book could be fashioned to look like a big passport, with stamps from exotic locales. Do you love coffee, or maybe met in a coffee shop? Serve gourmet coffee in mugs printed with your names and wedding date? It doesn’t matter what you do, but if the two of you share a passion for something, share that passion with your guests by incorporating it into your wedding decorations.

If you’re having a theme wedding, go all out with your themed wedding decorations. Have a 70's themed wedding at a skating rink with disco music. Or throw a Vegas themed wedding – have all the groomsmen dress like members of the Rat Pack, and rent gaming tables for gambling at the reception – and then keep the money, instead of having a traditional money dance.

Your wedding shouldn’t be like everyone else’s – figure out what’s unique about you and your partner and turn that into your theme. Regardless of the theme of your special day, unique, creative wedding decorations are a possibility. With a little imagination, you can come up with wedding decorations that will express your theme with class and style.

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